What is a Risk in the Workplace?

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Reduce Workplace Risks With These Solutions

Being in business consists of many rewards and responsibilities. With these also come various risks. Employers must exercise diligence to ensure the workplace is safe. If the workplace is not maintained to a high degree of safety, then there is a potential for injury. Obviously, it’s disheartening anytime someone gets injured, but it can be even more complicated for a business owner. You could be sued if you were negligent with safety issues in the workplace area. It’s essential to understand what risk is in the workplace, assess the current risk level, and provide solutions to minimise them.

What is Risk in the Workplace?

We all face some risks every day. Some are preventable, and some risks just come with living. That means you will have control over some risk factors and other risks you can’t control. Furthermore, some risk factors are not your responsibility. For example, a person could risk falling on the job if they are wearing improperly fitted shoes. The type of shoes they wear isn’t your responsibility, and you can’t prevent them if they fall.

However, a person may risk falling because of slippery or uneven surfaces. In that case, you would have responsibility. The outcome is the same in both situations — the person fell — but you couldn’t have prevented it in one instance, and in the other, you could have.

Just because you can’t eliminate all risks doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reduce the ones you control.

Examples of Risks in the Workplace

Every work environment is set up differently and employs a wide range of different people. That means that each place will have its own unique set of risks and needs. Some common risks in the workplace include:

  • Falling on wet or moist surfaces (this can occur after a floor is washed or environmental factors)
  • Tripping over uneven surfaces of a floor
  • Tripping over loose cords, hoses, or cables
  • Lack of adequate wheelchair access over a threshold or through a doorway
  • Tripping over outdoor surfaces, such as a kerb
  • Accidents due to high vehicle speed in the loading zone area

These and other issues can pose a risk to anyone on the property, whether they are employees, delivery people, or customers. It is crucial to take steps to make the work area safe for everyone. From the exterior property to the interior, there are solutions to these and other workplace risks.

Solutions to Risks in the Workplace

As you prepare the workplace to be a safe environment, you need to consider everyone’s needs. That means those who are non-disabled and those who may have a disability. You must make the area safe for people of all conditions.

One product that aids in the ease of wheelchair use is a wheelchair gradient ramp. This thick rubber ramp or wedge allows for easy access into areas that are a step up. This could be a step up over a threshold or a step up through a doorway. There are a variety of areas where this could be used. This is a simple and easy solution that ensures you are providing the best access to the building.

Also, a driveway curb ramp is helpful if you have a high or uneven curb area right in front of your facility. Non-slip mats are another useful item for steps or extra-slippery floors.

Finally, another thing you want to ensure is that your cords and hoses are contained neatly away from traffic, so nobody trips over them. A cable and hose protector is a great way to put the cords out of the way, and it makes the workplace look neater too.

Take action today to ensure you minimise risk factors by investing in safety products for your workplace. Get in touch with Safe Surface today!

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