At Safe Surface we supply and install premium non slip concrete coatings using an Australian made solvent borne, highly durable, wet look, and colour enhancing satin finish sealer. Enhance Satin, a non slip concrete paint, is a tough satin finish surface treatment that provides protection, restores & enhances natural colours.

Enhance Satin has been modified to promote extremely low dirt pickup, making treated areas easier to maintain and keep clean. Worn or damaged areas can be recoated without stripping or grinding and most stains are easily removed without detergents.

This non slip concrete coating delivers with the following advantages

  • Satin ‘wet look’ finish
  • Deep natural colour enhancement
  • Tough & durable coating
  • Tough scratch & wear resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Extends the life of concrete pavers by up to 40%
  • High stain resistance
  • Provides a clear, non-yellowing film
  • Resists oil, grease and general dirt pickup
  • Suppresses efflorescence
  • Easy recoat, repair &maintenance
  • Available in a clear coat or in a range of colours including burnt clay, charcoal/basalt, dark charcoal, light grey, light limestone, mid grey, warm sand; an ideal & more durable alternative to paving paints. Industrial strength and colour penetrates up to 2mm.

Are Concrete Sealers Slippery?

General concrete sealers may be slippery depending on the substrate, environment and general weather conditions. Our non slip concrete coatingis a revolutionary 0.13mm ceramic sphere for all solvent borne, film forming coatings where a slip resistive profile is required. It provides long lasting traction and increased durability to any surface coating sealer. It can be used in areas such as pathways, steps, ramps and workplace floor areas.

Technical Information

Surface Coating Sealers are designed to form a film or physical barrier between the surface and potential stains. On application they penetrate into surfaces to provide tenacious adhesion. Surface coatings make cleaning significantly easier.

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