Anti-Slip Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of areas can our Product be used on?

Bathrooms, showers, kitchens, foyers, pools, walkways, ramps & entrances – in fact anywhere were a smooth tiled floor becomes a slip hazard especially when wet.

What surfaces can the Anti-Slip Treatment be used on?

Ceramic, quarry & mosaic tiles, granite, porcelain, terrazzo and concrete surfaces.

What types of surfaces can’t be treated?

Vinyl, fiberglass, plastic, wood, painted & coated surfaces and most types of slate surfaces.

How long will the anti-slip effect last for?

Foot traffic will wear down the anti-slip much like a sole on a shoe. The heavier the traffic the quicker it will wear. The lighter the traffic the longer it will take to wear. As an estimate the anti-slip will last for 2 years but this period will increase if the CMC/DMC maintenance cleaners are used. This is because the Maintenance product contains a small proportion of the grip additive. So as the floor is being cleaned the product tops up the grip effect and therefore the treatment will remain in premium anti-slip condition for many years. A good cleaning method using the correct cleaning product will keep the floor clean and allow the anti-slip to do the job it was intended to do. If the anti-slip treatment gets covered over by contaminants such as grease, fats & oils or a soap build-up from the use of other floor cleaning products the floor will become slippery & dangerous again.

How does Safe Surface make a slippery ceramic or quarry tiled floor Anti-Slip safe?

Our anti-slip system treatment passively penetrates and changes the surface of the tile to make it anti-slip safe. When the surface of a tile becomes wet a suction effect is created between the sole of the shoe and the surface of the wet tile. This is why the wetter the surface the more effective the grip will become.

Which maintenance cleaner should be used to keep the treated surface anti-slip safe & hygienically clean?

DMC for all domestic use.
CMC for all commercial use.
CMC (Commercial Maintenance Cleaner) is a highly concentrated surfactant cleaner which also contains the added grip inducer. The combination of this highly developed product allows it to do two operations at the very same time. It’s concentrated deep cleansing removes grease, fats & oils and at the very same time reconditions the anti-slip profile. Regular use will ensure hygiene is maintains and the effectiveness of the anti-slip is kept in premium condition.
DMC (Domestic Maintenance Cleaner) contains special blended surfactants which will remove soaps, body-fats & oils. Used in bathrooms, shower bases & washrooms. DMC is a disinfectant cleaner that contains no harmful ingredients therefore should be given to be used in all domestic home situations. This all-purpose cleaner will clean all types of floor surfaces, bench tops, wash basins, glass & shower screens etc.

Do you provide Warranty?

Yes we guarantee our product for 2 years but can last up to 5-10 years. We advise the use of the DMC (Domestic Maintenance Cleaner) or CMC (Commercial Maintenance Cleaner) after installation regularly.

Will commercial cleaners wear away the Treatment after Application?

Commercial Cleaners / Scrubbing Machines can be used if the CMC maintenance cleaner is used. The CMC Maintenance Cleaner contains a small amount of the Anti-Slip Chemical which maintains the slip resistance.

What are the DMC and CMC Maintenance Cleaners and what are they used for?

The Commercial Maintenance Cleaner (CMC) contains a balanced blend of quality surfactants & additives which allows it to do two operations at the very same time. Specially formulated to be used in areas subjected to grease, fats & oils this very effective concentrated deep cleansing product also reconditions the anti-slip profile. Regular use will therefore ensure hygiene is maintained to a high standard and the effectiveness of the anti-slip is kept in premium condition.
The Domestic Maintenance Cleaner (DMC) contains special blended surfactants to remove soaps, bodyfats & oils found in bathrooms, shower bases and bathtubs. This all-purpose concentrated disinfectant cleaner is a delight to use in the workplace and around the home.

Do high pressure water blasters wear away the Anti-Slip Treatment after Application?

Water Blasters are ok to use, we recommend you ‘top up’ the Treatment after blasting is complete with your Maintenance Cleaner.

Does the Anti-Slip Product comply with Australian Standards?

Our system can be independently tested by certified consultants to meet/exceed slip ratings upon request.

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