Anti-slip Treatment

After years of extensive research, our unique anti-slip solutions were developed, engineered and tested in Australia over 30 years ago in 1987. In this period of time, the team at Safe Surface have many years of experience & expertise using the most technology advanced system on the market.

Our system is recognized & represented internationally and we have continued to develop and maintain the quality of our product over time to suit a broad range of flooring surfaces.

Our no obligation maintenance cleaners prolong the life of the treatment anywhere from 5-10 years which is exclusive to our anti-slip solutions system and reduces the risk of future recoats. We believe in do it once and do it right!

Sydney’s #1 Anti-Slip Tile Treatment: End-to-End Service Offerings

Our unique end-to-end service offerings provide you with accredited floor slip testing certification and sign off reports specific to you and your project within 48 hours! We can conduct a range of slip resistance tests to ensure your surfaces meet requirements for WHS, consumer protection and disability access legislation.


We work closely with a range of industries including but not limited to the building & construction, strata management, hotels and pubs, healthcare& hospitals, residential, commercial, cafes & restaurants.


Take the necessary measures to reduce slip and fall accidents in your work or home environment before it occurs! Invest in an anti-slip tile treatmentto reduce the risk of injury, claims or lawsuits that could cost you thousands of dollars. Contact us on 02 7229 6926 or email for a free onsite demonstration to see how our system works and experience the results for yourself!

Our Anti-Slip Treatment Etching

What is our Anti-Slip Tile Treatment?

Our Anti-Slip solutions system is a chemical liquid designed to make a slippery surface non-slip. It can be applied to ceramic, quarry & mosaic tiles, granite, porcelain, terrazzo and concrete surfaces where a smooth floor area becomes a slip hazard especially when wet.

How does it work?

Our anti-slip system treatment passively penetrates and changes the surface of the tile to make it anti-slip safe. When the surface of a tile becomes wet a suction effect is created between the sole of the shoe and the surface of the wet tile. This is why the wetter the surface the more effective the grip will become.

How can it be applied?

Installed only by our trained field technicians, our unique Anti-Slip System is a 3 step process using a pour on, wipe off application creating a safe non slip flooring solution.

With Safe Surface Australia’s Anti-Slip Treatment, you can rest easy that your team, your clients, workplace and home environment is safe and protected. Smooth surfaces can come incredibly slippery when wet, whether it’s just after cleaning, spills, or after rainfall, slippery surfaces can present hazards to your team and your customers and the potential for unwanted insurance claims.

10 good reasons for choosing our Anti-Slip System


Anti-slip when wet.

We create a unique non slip flooring solution that’s even more so effective when the surface is exposed to moisture.


Cost effective prevention.

With increasing demands for safety, Safe Surface does the job quickly & efficiently at a reasonable cost.


Fully guaranteed.

The anti-slip system is guaranteed for 2 years but could last for 5-10 years depending if a reasonable level of aftercare is maintained.


No disruptions.

No mess, no noise & no odours. We clean up after ourselves!


Anti-slip safe in Less than 1 hour.

Depending on the areas size, that’s all it takes to apply our anti-slip tile treatment.


Appearance - Changes may occur.

The results of our non slip tile treatment depends on the tile, colour, age and composition. In most cases the surface/grout appears cleaner, therefore slightly lighter in colour. Testing advised before full installation. Etching may make the surface harder to clean.


No dry time.

The surface can be walked upon immediately after the application is completed.


On-going cleaning.

Continued in the normal way although our maintenance cleaner is recommended


The Anti-Slip System.

Applied only by a trained Safe Surface technician or available in DIY Packs. Enquire today!


No preparation required.

Thoroughly cleans the surface and leaves the floor hygienically clean.

Upon installation of your Anti-Slip Treatment, you significantly reduce the risk and are guaranteed to save on:


Potential lawsuits as a result of injury


Litigation costs resulting in huge expenses


Sick leave, your employees incapability to work


An increase on insurance premiums


Workcover expenses

Our Anti-Slip System exceeds the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Standards AS4586:2004, Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface material and the National Construction Code.

Learn more by clicking on our Frequently Asked Questions page here

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